Start Smart PHR/SPHR Certification Course

Start Smart Course for PHR/SPHR – The Start Smart course covers in detail each of the six functional areas of the HRCI Body of Knowledge.  The traditionally delivered  6 to 8 week format may be modified to fit your schedule.

Facilitator materials and all handouts are included with the minimum purchase of 3 participant WORKBOOK packages.

The WORKBOOK package includes:  The HRReview WORKBOOK Package contains comprehensive study outlines for each of the HR Certification Institute PHR/SPHR Exam Content Outline functional areas, exam tips, important employment and labor legislation, and several hundred multiple-choice questions with detailed answers and the rationale for the correct answers.  Also included is the AudioReview CD package with recorded terms and definitions, electronic and downloadable printed flashcards, a free audio coaching session, unlimited online final exams, and 6-month access to the e-book Human Resource Management Essential Perspectives by Mathis, Jackson, and Valentine.

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